Zayn Malik entourage member tries to hide him obviously unwarrantedly

Although it was a failed attempt, as Zayn Malik obviously didn’t mind being photographed, although what appears to be a member of Zayn’s entourage or business squad for some reason took it upon herself to shield Zayn from cameras …

… recently while he was out and about in New York. Zayn, who has grown out his beard allot more scruffy than previously, however didn’t seem to be the one who instigated the shielding, and first merely walked a few steps behind, then soon after stepped up ahead, giving fans what they want, a glimpse of some Zayn.

Fans pray it isn’t the beginning of some kind of Selena crew members scenario (Tejano music star Selena, not Selena Gomez). Where was Gigi Hadid? Gigi and Zayn haven’t been seen out and about together as much recently, are they starting to see less of each other? It’s for sure that Taylor Swift would probably take Zayn off Gigi’s hands as long as she was cool with it. Celebrity Gossip