'Young Pope' Jude Law has more facial expressions than the old pope

Other than showing off his facial expression skills at the 2015 Rome Film Festival, Jude Law‘s most recent role could be considered somewhat controversial, it’s about a pope, however a much younger pope, thus it’s title: The Young Pope.


The Young Pope is an a 8 episode HBO mini-serious set to air 2016 (however no exact date is given yet), and is directed by Paolo Sorrentino. The Young Pope even stars Diane Keaton, as to give it a reminiscent Godfather kind of flare, however this time she is a nun by the name Sister Mary. The youngest pope in history was 54, as where Jude Law’s portrayal of the pope is probably in his late 30’s to early 40’s.


The character description of The Young Pope character (Pope? Lenny Belardo) declared that there is no relevance to any other pope or actual event, and the character is completely fictionalized. As far as we know in recent history there’s never been anyone like him”, Sorrentino explains in a recent interview. “Due to a number of reasons we’ve never seen a pope like the one we’re making a film about. We wanted to make it believable.” Other than his role The Young Pope, Jude Law’s other upcoming projects are the third installment of the Sherlock Holmes franchise (Sherlock Holmes 3), Genius, and even yet another go at the Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur story.

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