Yikes! Taylor Swift promos Apple Music to attract even Taylor haters

Taylor Swift joins the likes of Charlie Chaplin, Jim Carrey, and Chevy Chase as a body antics style comedian. In a new promo for Apple Music, Taylor Swift starts her day off with a nice treadmill run that however goes really awry to say the least.


While wrapping to the Drake Song “Jumpman”, Taylor gets was too into it, flailing her arms about like a rapper, and cold falls on her face. It’s not known if Taylor did her own stunts or if it’s a cgi effect, however it looks pretty real. Taylor however isn’t phased by the fall, and keeps on rapping.

There is something for even Taylor Swift haters on Apple Music? There really isn’t a need to reiterate that as a theme, Taylor Haters will of course processed to download Kanye West music on Apple Music. Apple would obviously prefer both Taylor Swift sympathizers and haters to download Drake as opposed to Kanye West however. Taylor’s Instagram caption in regards to the commercial is that the scenario is actually “Based on true events”, which follows Apple Music’s actual official tagline for the commercial “Distractingly Good”.

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