Yikes! Looks like Rihanna is definitely Norman Bates’ next victim!

Rihanna is definitely making her way into acting, and is not only staring in the sure to be blockbuster Ocean’s Eight, she’s also set to play Marion Crane on the Bates Motel series!


Marion Crane is of course the characters name of the woman in the original Alfred Hitchcock’s Pyscho, who gets brutally stabbed to death in the shower by “Mother”.


It’s not known of course as to if Rihanna as Marion Crane is destined to suffer the same fate or not although, as the shoe Bates Motel doesn’t really follow all standard story lines of the original Psycho franchise, and is more of a reboot, so Rihanna as Marion Crane these days might get out of it alive.


Rihanna was recently spotted on the set of Bates Motel in Toronto, as well as Nestor Carbonell who not only stars in the reoccurring role of Sheriff Alex Romero on the hit AMC show, but it also directing this time around.


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