WTF? Taylor Swift has just completely deleted her Instagram account

Was Taylor Swift‘s Instagram account hacked? Does Taylor Swift all of a sudden not like Instagram? Whatever it is, Taylor Swift’s Instagram is now completely blank like the title of her song “Blank Space”. Taylor Swift’s 100 million + followers and counting Insta now quaintly reads ‘No posts yet“, and she is now following 0.

This is a shock to both Taylor Swift fans and well probably just about anyone, as in the days of social media, to some people that’s like social suicide to delete your Instagram account. Should Taylor Swift’s fans be insulted that she deleted their comments and likes?

Should the people that Taylor Swift was previously following on Instagram have hurt feelings? Has Taylor Swift already made enough money that none of that really matters to her? Taylor Swift is still however on Twitter and Facebook, so you can still feel liked by her on either of those social media platforms if you feel dissed deleted her Instagram. Celebrity Gossip