WTF? Orlando Bloom keeps his pants on while paddle boarding?

Looks like Orlando Bloom has decided to give up nude paddle boarding, and it might of been something exclusive to when he was dating Katy Perry. Seen recently on vacation in St. Barts, Orlando got some what extreme doing some cliff jumping and pull ups on the front of a boat.

Orlando Bloom’s recent ex-girlfriend or the latest take a break on and off again celebmance pop superstar Katy Perry was on the other side of the world in SantanBarbara, so that could of been why Orlando decided to keep his pants on.

It did kind of appear that possibly Orlando Bloom was contemplating taking off his shorts although, so it’s really possible fans will be getting a good look at his youknowwhat again soon, and he might be adapting chin-ups and cliff diving into his nude vacation regiment (although probably not nude cliff diving because that could be potentially extremely painful). Celebrity Gossip