WTF! Leonardo DiCaprio is dating a model again! Effing crazy! (LOL)

Actually, this time it is somewhat of a surprise mainly because of the age of the model that Leonardo DiCaprio is dating, she’s either 19 or 20 per sources (not confirmed). This is Leonardo’s youngest model (that was made public) as of yet. Leo’s new model girlfriend is yet again a Victoria’s Secret (Pink) model (who is still really hot without makeup), Chelsey Weimar (who is now supermodel famous at the moment).


News of Leo and Chelsey’s relationship sparked from rumors of the two seen leaving Nobu restaurant together, and from Instagram pictures Weimar that appear to be blatantly shot in one or maybe two of DiCaprio’s bachelor pads.


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As for the long term seriousness (whatever the span of “long term”), that’s yet to be determined, and Weimar and Leo have yet to be actually officially caught on tape together as a couple.  The time span of DiCaprio’s model relationships has gotten shorter and shorter as time has gone on, the longest of those being his relationships with Gisele Bundchen and Bar Refaeli. It’s possible that Leonardo has finally learned that when you are wealthy, you play the field, maybe even permanently if you want, because you can (and Leo can without playing the field meaning ordering a $3000 escort for the night). Celebrity Gossip