WTF! Comedian Jon Lovitz has scored Jessica Lowndes!

She’s been seen in the pages FHM magazine, and numerous television shows and movies such as the 90210 reboot, however now you’re going to also have to imagine Jessica Lowndes on Jon Lovitz. Equally worse, think of how he is probably subjecting Jessica Lowndes to watching The Critic DVD’s.


To get your imagination going, you can actually see the 58 year old SNL alum with his hands between Lowndes’ legs while she’s driving his Bentley on Lowdes’ instagram, and that’s not all. Video of Jessica Lowdes in bed while Jon Lovitz films her, and a picture of what appears to be an engagement ring (no you aren’t living in an Adam Sandler movie right now, it’s actually reality), are on Lowdes’ instagram also. “When bae films you waking up in the morning ?❤️? #TooOldToUseHashtags #MrBig.”, and “You say sugar daddy but I say ice cream daddy! Lol ??? #SweptoffMyFeet #ExtraSprinklesPleaseDaddy??” are captions on the what appears to be a mixture of wealth and being actually endowed that Lowdes in bragging in regards to her relationship with Lovitz.

When bae films you waking up in the morning… ?❤️? #TooOldToUseHashtags #MrBig

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Lowdes has pretty much been covering all the bases (and thank God we don’t actually have to see her and Lovitz get to the second and or third base) with other captions such as “his hands are wise and tell a thousand stories… #smitten #hatersgonnahate.”. Not hating using the term ‘daddy’ is obviously still only going to reinforce what everyone else is thinking, and no not that they’e thinking Lovitz should impregnate Jessica Lowndes, rather the obvious that he is old enough to be her daddy, and looks like he is. Celebrity Gossip