Wonder Woman (aka Diana Prince, aka Gal Godat) sighting!

Wonder Woman (aka Diana Prince, aka Gal Godat) was seen recently out to lunch in Israel with her pup and boyfriend. She was in disguise as Diana Prince (aka Gal Godat) and so she didn’t have her golden lasso or anything, but she did have her dog leash and she could still do allot of damage with that if she wanted to.

Gal Godat is of course the new Wonder Woman, already featured as the character in Superman vs. Batman, and is set to play there role in her own movie (conveniently titled Wonder Woman) set to hit theaters June 2, 2017.

You can of course also see Gal in the hilarious movie Keeping Up With The Jonses on dvd, and in Justice League November 17, and then Justice League II sometime in 2018.

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