Will Smith takes on another David Ayer movie with ‘Bright’

Will Smith is notorious for a great many roles throughout his film career thus far, although most recently of course his role as Deadshot in David Ayer‘s Suicide Squad.


Smith has once again although joined forces with David Ayer for another motion pictured called Bright.


will-smith-takes-on-another-david-ayer-movie-with-bright-2Although the plot of the motion picture Bright is currently hush hush and being kept under wraps, it looks as though Will Smith’s character in the movie is that of a police officer by the name of Scott Ward.

will-smith-takes-on-another-david-ayer-movie-with-bright-3 will-smith-takes-on-another-david-ayer-movie-with-bright-4

Smith is of course well known for playing a police officer previously in the Bad Boys franchise directed by Micheal Bay.

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