When ‘Overboard’ star Eva Longoria hits the beach, it’s volleyball time

Eva Longoria has currently wrapped filming a remake of the 1987 movie Overboard, and although if Eva Longoria is overboard, it looks like she swims to shore and strikes up a volleyball game. Recently seen in vacation in Marbella Spain, looks like Eva Longoria not only has acting skills, she’s got volleyballs skills too.

Other than playing on the beach in exotic locals, Eva Longoria is starring with Jamie Foxx in All-Star Weekend (about two buddies form a rivalry over their favorite American basketball player) set to hit theaters in 2017 …

… the TV movie Type A (about a group of over-achievers take on a job that others couldn’t handle), and of course the aforementioned 2018 remake of Overboard (about a spoiled, wealthy yacht owner is thrown overboard and becomes the target of revenge from his mistreated employee), also starring Anna Faris.


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