What’s Jennifer Lawrence been up to lately?

What's Jennifer Lawrence been up to lately (5)

When we last saw JLAW, she was on the premiere circuit for X-Men: Apocalypse. Jennifer Lawrence was out and about with many of her male model looking bodyguards (who she is rumored to subject sexually), doing her own modeling for Dior, doing one of two kinda cheezy photoshoots too (although she still made it look hot), and really she was just JLAWing it up all kinds.

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Currently Jennifer Lawrence is working on a new film by Darren Aronofsky that supposidly has the working title of Day 6, but nothing yet official (sounds like their kinda playing it by ear on that one), and really that’s all that’s been heard of in regards to JLAW for a month or so. Back in May Jennifer Lawerence appeared on the Graham Norton Show, making and appearance with her X-Men co-star James McAvoy, and also the one and only highly controversial and under much scrutiny for spousal abuse, Johnny Depp.

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JLAW’s next most recently upcoming motion picture set to hit theaters is Passengers (also staring Chris Pratt and Laurence Fishburne), although she’s sure to show up here and there before then, if not Jennifer Lawrence fans are liable to kill over. Other Jennifer Lawrence movies on the roster are Red Sparrow (Red Sparrow synopsis: A sexy Russian spy falls for a CIA officer and considers becoming a double agent) …

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… staring along side Joel Edgerton and is directed by 3 time Hunger Games director Francis Lawrence, and an Adam McKay movie called Bad Blood (will it feature the Taylor Swift song in the soundtrack?) that sounds vaguely like Jennifer’s character in the Joy (Bad Blood synopsis: Entrepreneur, Elizabeth Holmes, creates a bio-tech company that skyrockets her to fame with an estimated value in the billions).

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