What in the heck happened to Katando? (Katando Vs. Tayston: A-List Celebmance Battle)

Katando pretty much over-shadowed Taylarris, not so much with the element of surprise, however the delivery that was a win in terms of a-list celebrity star power. However now that Taylarris are not Taylarris, Tayston have all of sudden emerged into the arena, and poof, it’s as though Katando lit off in a puff of smoke, disappearing into thin air.


Once Taylor had Tom Hiddleston on the hook at the Met Gala dance party (where yes they dance partied after Meta Gala-ing by means of after party dancing to be specific), she knew right then that she had a new weapon against her foe Katy Perry (whom of course the song “Bad Blood” is gauged towards as most Taylor Swift fans know).


Prime contenders! Katando Vs. Tayston is somewhat of a battle royale of sorts, although one thing is for certain in regards to the battle that has just been forged and waged, Katando is somewhat of a forfeit at the moment. However judging by the looks of things, Tayston has ‘only just begun’, so there should be some action soon enough. What if they instead went on a double date? That would be better.

Katando-Vs-Tayston-A-List-Celebmance-Battle (1)Katando-Vs-Tayston-A-List-Celebmance-Battle (3)Katando-Vs-Tayston-A-List-Celebmance-Battle (2)Katando-Vs-Tayston-A-List-Celebmance-Battle (4)

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