What did Britney Spears do before her first MTV VMA performance in a few years?

Britney Spears fans are pretty psyched to see her perform once again at the MTV VMAs, and in addition to of course doing a sound check for the event, Britney also did a few other things. Here are a few of the things that Britney Spears did pre-2016 VMAs.


She went out to lunch at Sarabeth’s in New York.


Britney Spears then went on a the Elvis Duran radio show with her dog, where she mentioned wanting to collaborate musically with her once boyfriend long ago Justin Timberlake.


Soon after Britney felt so inclined as do so some somewhat sinister looking drive-by phone pictures for some reason.


And then of course she posted a promo for her performance on the 2016 MTV VMA’s on her Instagram.

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