‘Watchmen’ Silk Spectre & Silk Spectre II reunite at fashion show

It’s been a while since fans have seen Silk Spectre & Silk Spectre II together. Watchmen stars Carla Gugino and Malin Akerman recently reunited at a Zac Posen show during New York Fashion Week 2016.

watchmen-silk-spectre-silk-spectre-ii-reunite-at-fashion-showThe dynamic duo joined other celebs and fashion peeps on the front row of the show. Elsewhere you can catch Carla Gugino on Dec 21st in the upcoming Adventure / Drama / Romance The Space Between Us (also staring Gary Oldman), and on the Showtime original comedy show Roadies.


Malin Akerman is set to co-star on the television show Easy begining September 22, a Netflix original comedy anthology series written, directed and produced by Joe Swanberg.

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