Was Gigi Hadid hoping for a Victoria’s Secret plane crash?

Gigi Hadid is walking once again in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show this year 2016, as she did for the first time last year, as well as Kendall Jenner.


Gigi Hadid’s sister Bella Hadid is also walking in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (for the first time although, even though her ex-boyfriend The Weeknd is one of the musical guests).


That said although, for some reason (scheduling conflicts?) Gigi Hadid did not fly to Paris with the rest of the Victoria’s Secret models, and instead opted to fly to Paris by herself. Was she hoping for a plane crash?


Since Gigi has regrouped with her Victoria’s Secret counter parts, she has however been seen with them, however not yet with her sister Bella. As where Bella Hadid was seen buddied up with Kendall Jenner previously pre-flight and such, it looks like now Gigi Hadid is Kendall sidekick again.


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