Was Daisy Ridley ever scared of being an inbred Jedi?

Star Wars trivia. Who are Rey‘s parents? Are they Luke and Leia? Although that would be a not so welcomed plot twist to the Star Wars franchise, it’s a possibility. It’s not really known if Luke Skywalker was a player or not and got around, and the possibility that Rey being Luke’s daughter somehow is probably the best scenario.

If she were¬†Leia and Han Solo’s daughter they would obviously of remembered leaving her on a desert planet to either die or fend for herself. This means that another scenario is Leia and Luke incest! At one time they didn’t know they were brother and sister, did it happen then? Then later they were so ashamed that they left her behind. That would be the very weirdest Star Wars yet, although possibly hilarious as a Saturday Night Live style skit (LOL).

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