VMA’s 2016 refuse to tell Taylor Swift to ‘Sit!’ (or something like that)


The 2016 MTV Music Video Awards are all set for August 28th, however one of the seats in the audience won’t be sat on by Taylor Swift this year. Why you ask? Taylor Swift isn’t attending the MTV Music Video Awards this year.


Was Taylor Swift not invited to the 2016 MTV Music Video Awards? She probably was (she’s effing Taylor Swif), however she’s is a no show either way. Taylor Swift doesn’t really have any new video’s to get awards for, and that might be why she doesn’t even want to bother to show (sheesh what a priss), or maybe it’s just too soon to be in the same vicinity on camera two, then cut to camera one and it’s Kanye West – cut back to camera one it’s Taylor Swift.


There are plenty of other celebrities that are going to be there though, so therefore although Taylor Swift is probably going to feel left out that she didn’t get to attend this year (and or participate), Tay Tay’s fans will just have to cheat that night. There is always next year.


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