Vin Diesel eludes to ‘telling everything’, Tyrese Gibson talks with crew

Upon his return home just after finishing up filming Fast 8 (where he and Dwayne Johnson have been feuding possibly) Vin Diesel shared an Instagram video where he eventually eluded (although it kinda seemed like he was on Quaaludes while eluding) to ‘telling you [his Instgram fans] eeeevverrything’.

Vin Diesel eludes to 'telling everything', Tyrese Gibson talks with crew (2)

The actual purpose of the video was to share that his daughter had recently learned the word Happy, and so maybe he was talking about sharing more about that? Cliffhanger. So then the next video he posts is him talking about going to the screening of the new XXX movie, and what a good experience it was working on that movie and such.

So much has gone on this year. I can’t believe I wrapped two back to back pictures I both starred in and produced. Now I get to return to my family, my life… To me.

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All love…

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This was a day after Tyrese Gibson had posted an Instagram he soon after deleted, where Dwayne Johnson was singing happy birthday to his daughter, outlining how he felt in regards to what Dwayne Johnson had posted on Facebook a day or before that,where he’d expressed angst towards some of this co-workers while working on the Fast 8 (it soon after surfaced that his rant was said to of been directed towards Vin Diesel).

Vin Diesel eludes to 'telling everything', Tyrese Gibson talks with crew (1)

Tyrese has since posted a video to Instagram where he is asking some of the crew of Fast 8let’s talk about it‘. He has since posted other video’s of he and other cast members having a good time, and not one but two pictures of he and Vin Diesel.

Dude I love your shoes

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