Vanessa Hudgens has her own Thanksgiving with friends called ‘Friendsgiving’

Usually your birthday is when friends are giving you presents, however Grease Live! star Vanessa Hudgens’ Friendsgiving party was more of a specific day pre-Thanksgiving, designated just for friends, including the gift of some Just Dance 2017 video game action.


Okay well yeah it’s pretty obvious that the High School Musical stars’ Friendsgiving party was officially sponsored by the hit Ubisoft game Just Dance 2017, however why not give your friends some Just Dance 2017 action for free or as an official endorsement.


Hudgens’ Friendsgiving party-goers didn’t seem to include any other celebrities, although one would expect at least Ashley Tisdale or Julianne Hough to be invited.

vanessa-hudgens-has-her-own-thanksgiving-with-friends-called-friendsgiving-6Vanessa Hudgens is a celebrity that can for sure hold her own though as the main attraction, and probably as well to her Friendsgiving friends gathering also.

vanessa-hudgens-has-her-own-thanksgiving-with-friends-called-friendsgiving-5vanessa-hudgens-has-her-own-thanksgiving-with-friends-called-friendsgiving-3vanessa-hudgens-has-her-own-thanksgiving-with-friends-called-friendsgiving-4 Celebrity Gossip