Uma Thurman at the 'Burnt' premiere reminds some fans of 'Playing for Keeps'

(Sorry, the focus of the first part of this article isn’t about the movie Burnt). (The recent gossip of Sienna Miller’s cheating scandal rumors sparked previous angst in regards to the lame ending of the movie Playing For Keeps). Okay, like, totally WTF! Playing for Keeps was a romantic comedy with the stupidest most non-conventional ending! 1. (Duhh) George (Gerard Butler) (who was previously a football and or soccer pro) gets a high paying job at EPSN as a sports caster (scored for him by Denise (Catherine Zeta-Jones), who was single at the time she made George pay his dues – 2. The last straw between George and Stacie (Jessica Biel), is when Carl (Dennis Quaid) approaches George with some photos of George and his wife Patti (Uma Thurman) …


… photos where it would appear as though they were having an affair – 3. They weren’t having an affair, Patti showed up and George’s apartment (the same way that Barb (Judy Greer) had about a week earlier, although Barb was single), where Patti then although unsuccessfully attempted to seduce George – 4. Why the hell didn’t George just tell Stacie this, by coyly getting confirmation over the phone with Patti while Stacie was listening! – Stacie had already realized that she was still (or that is never hadn’t been, as the eventually expresses to her fiance Matt (James Tupper) in love with George, and had already even broken her marriage plans off with her Matt, making it a prime opportunity to then move to Connecticut with George, since Stacie only seemed like her job was as a house wife anyways, and it’s wasn’t like she’d be uprooting her career or anything, given it was such a prime phenomenal opportunity for George, not to mention financial gain that could possibly get their son Lewis (Noah Lomax) set for an ivy league school. The movie however doesn’t really say that they didn’t move to Connecticut together however, so maybe they did.


Okay like totally ANYWAYS! Burnt is currently playing in theaters, and stars Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller, and Uma Thurmon (among other great actors). Burnt synopsis: A top chef (Bradley Cooper) of the Paris restaurant scene tries to land his own kitchen and a third elusive Michelin star. Celebrity Gossip