Uh, oh. Rihanna has insta-unfollowed Jennifer Lopez’ possible Drake celebmance

So far although obviously with either Jennifer Lopez or Rihanna, there is no on-camera Drake kissing allowed. Rihanna (aka @badgirlriri) has 47.4m followers on Instagram. Jennifer Lopez (aka @JLO) has 55.4m followers on Instagram, plus Drake, and although minus Rihanna. Can RiRi not follow JLO? Can JLO not follow RiRi? Was it the borderline completely gross by some standards perm-henna hand tattoo?

Only months after Drake professed his love to Rihanna as he presented Rihanna with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award at the 2016 MTV Music Awards, it would appear that since that, Drake has become a serious Jennifer Lopez fan (as opposed because RiRi is obviously not having that).

As opposed for definite although, because RiRi is obviously not down with the J-Rake rumored to be official romantic collaboration. Rihanna did however post a cute video on her igram of a little kid hip-hop dancing also.

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