Two of the 'Pretty Little Liars' in addition to Hailey Baldwin go shopping together

Is Hailey Baldwin a Pretty Little Liars wannabe, probably not, she’s just friends with Shay Mitchell and Ashley Benson and they are off on a shopping spree together. Pretty Little Liars is a popular show however, and it’s really not unlikely that Hailey Baldwin might be on a Pretty Little Liars fandom play date.


Shay Mitchell and Hailey Baldwin both have had their share of modeling gigs lately, while Shay Mitchell has also seen some new fresh success as an actor also, with upcoming projects MF, and Mother’s Day (co-staring with Jennifer Aniston and various other really well known celebs).


In terms of acting project quantity however, Ashley Benson leads the pack with projects such as Pixels, A Visit from the Goon Squad, Chronically Metropolitan, and Elvis & Nixon. 

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