Tom Hiddleston looks lonely, walks by Taylor Swift poster

It’s been a few months since Taylor Swift and her most recent relationship conquest Tom Hiddleston went their separate ways, and neither have been seen with anyone new quite yet.


While Taylor Swift has just been crowned the #1 money making entertainer of 2016, Tom Hiddleston looks to be spending time alone. Hiddleston has recently wrapped Thor: Ragnarok, and Kong: Skull Island, and has since been seen out and about solo quite a bit.


Does Tom Hiddleston have a broken heart? Can he now write a Taylor Swift style song? Maybe. Tom was seen randomly walking by what appears to be a Taylor Swift poster cartoon, where the caption read …


…  ‘Oh Tom … I love you too … but’, arising the question as to if it were Taylor Swift that broke things off and brought an sudden end to Hiddleswift. Either way, Tom and Taylor’s relationship did swiftly come to an end.

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