Tom Hiddleston is moving on from Taylor Swift by making moves on Priyanka Chopra

Tom Hiddleston met Taylor Swift while dancing at an awards show party, and now he’s danced with Quantico star Priyanka Chopra at an awards show, then they got first base at the after party. So it looks like Tom Hiddleston might be speeding the process up a bit, and that could mean that he has a Taylor Swift style list of conquests to check off of his own.


Will that list rival that of Taylor Swift in terms of his conquests? It probably could. Tom and Priyanka reportedly put on a very flirty display at the AMC Emmys after party after, where there was some close talking, are aroundering, kissing, even some holding hands.


That sounds like a first and maybe second date for Tom Hiddleston and Priyanka Chopra, so if Priyanka Chopra is a third date kinda gal she should definitely honor that. Hiddleston was also seen recently with an unknown blonde off of the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia. So yeah it’s safe to say that he’s moving on from Taylor Swift pretty pretty quickly …


… (although maybe not as fast as Taylor Swift officially moved on from Calvin Harris). When asked recently by People magazine however if he and Taylor Swift were still friends Tom Hiddleston replied with a smile “Yes. Yes, we are” (which of course means they are FWB now if and when the occasion were to present itself). Celebrity Gossip