Tom Cruise and Henry Cavill are a new action duo for Mission Impossible 6

There aren’t many movie franchises that have 6 and counting sequels, although the Mission Impossible franchise is one of them. This time around it looks like Tom Cruise has even enlisted the help of the new Superman himself, Henry Cavill.

Thus far the plot for the movie, and  Henry Cavill’s character name have yet to be revealed, however it appears that he and Tom Cruise’s character Ethan Hunt are on the same team.

As where Tom Cruise’s character looks about the same as usual, Henry Cavill appears to be sporting a mustache for his character …

…  a much different look than Clark Kent or Superman (although if Clark Kent would of sported a mustache he would of been way more convincingly different looking than Superman, other than just wearing glasses).

M:I 6 is set to hit theaters July 27 2018 and also stars Rebecca Ferguson, Alec Baldwin, Simon Pegg, and Ving Rhames. Celebrity Gossip