Tina Fey reminds everyone of the madcap SNL news with she and Seth Meyers

Through the years, the SNL news has been of the various, while Tina Fey might be only recently funny as an actor in Muppets : Most Wanted. Tina Few however was the comedy coordinator on SNL for quite some time, and or course only allowed Robert Smigel cartoons, and no cartoons by Seth Meyers (something everyone can now relate to because the show The Awesomes effing sucks).  Seth Meyers is holding his own as a late night talk show host however (claim to fame other than that his ‘zinger’ skit on SNL), while fellow SNL cast memeber Jimmy Fallon (who broke character almost every skit he was ever in on SNL, laughing as somewhat of a signature style eventually) however cannot be competed with, and is quite possibly the best talk show host since Johnny Carson.

Tina Fey late night seth meyers

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