The evolving career of Tricia Helfer

A slew of questionably b-grade movies and television shows doesn’t really effect the physically attractiveness of Tricia Helfer, other than that I was going to start out this blurb with something like …


… “Who the heck is Tricia Helfer? She’s got it!”. Also, Tricia Helfer is obviously very fashionably adherent to the google adsense policies. Tricia Helfer is the perfect candidate model for a high fashion 25-35 year old age spendy demographic, not to mention she is 40! WTF?


Just a word to the wise, don’t over-saturate yourself by shooting here and theres in order to grow your “book”, like Tricia Helfer has obviously done, and it’s questionable that she might be the secret owner of the website Model Mayhem for effs sake.


There are lines that can be crossed, however they’ve got to be sequential, then you can really get paid and laid. For instance Stuff magazine, is a no-no if you want to work less and get paid more. So, there is such a thing as bad publicity after all, sad to say that list might include Treats magazine (quietly weeps). Celebrity Gossip