The band KISS travels together

The band KISS is on tour, and of course like most other bands (although less and less a scenario it seems these days), they travel together as a band.


While some highly popular bands might opt to flying separately and reconvening at the venues, not even using tour buses these days, KISS is obviously not among those of that demographic. Seen recently flying out of LAX on their way to the Miami to Cozumel KISS Cruise on Nov 4, Gene Simmons and the guys even brought along their family members to make it a family vacation.

the-band-kiss-travels-together-2After that they’re off to the

Northside Festival – Parque Fundidora in Montery Mexico.


Formed in 1973, KISS is still for rocking it as a band, and if you don’t get to catch them live this time around, there will for sure be another (not to say you should not for sure see KISS live this time, so get your tickets!). Celebrity Gossip