The ‘Alice Through The Looking Glass’ tour goes on

Despite the immense scrutiny and legalities that surround Johnny Depp in his personal life, Walt Disney‘s Alice Through The Looking Glass is still gallantly on tour (well it doesn’t really have a choice actually not to be). Johnny Depp last appeared at the El Capitan Theatre premiere of Alice Through The Looking Glass premiere in Hollywood (Disney’s official theater venue), where it didn’t look like Johnny Depp was in the best of moods.


This was also right around the time of the most recent alleged spousal abuse incident just after Amber Heard’s birthday party. That does this mean for any and or all of the Disney movie franchises that Johnny Depp is involved in? Well it could mean they might want to install a few new animatronic (for animanymtiy sake) pirates that in now way resemble Jack Sparrow, OR they’re going to need a new Jack Sparrow for Pirates Of The Caribbean 5, and or they could also CGI all of the previous films he was in to make it looks less like him.

The 'Alice Through The Looking Glass' tour goes on (4)

Other than that, one of Hollywood’s big money actors is not going to be a factor of bringing in residuals as much in the future (this includes of course streaming, DVD sales, merch, etc of any of the movies that Johnny Depp has been involved in). Sales in regards to people of the ‘down with spousal abuse demo’ will of course not be effected.

The 'Alice Through The Looking Glass' tour goes on (1)The 'Alice Through The Looking Glass' tour goes on (2)The 'Alice Through The Looking Glass' tour goes on (3) Celebrity Gossip