Taylor Swift’s pervey radio DJ photo opp butt gropper finally stands trial 

Butt groping (a celebrity, although the law applies to everyone), without consent, is not just butt groping, it’s sexual assault. Once 98.5 KYGO Colorado DJ David Mueller seemed to think otherwise, as he’s originally claimed it was an accident when he sued Taylor Swift soon after the incident.

According to Taylor Swift, the incident was for sure intentional, and left her instantly feeling ‘violated‘ in a way she had never experienced before and that; Mueller touched her inappropriately by lifting up the back of her dress to feel her buttocks (and really, why would Taylor Swift lie about something like that). Jury selection for the suit by Mueller …

… and counter suit by Taylor Swift in the matter, will begin on August 6th, with Taylor Swift soon after making an appearance in court (finally, she hasn’t made any other appearances lately other than). Taylor Swift has been recently dating brit actor Joe Alwyn

… the two seen out and about recently leaving Taylor’s apartment in New York, and it’s safe to say that only Taylor Swift’s boyfriends have the go ahead to grope Taylor’s butt (although it’s a definite that nobody is going to attempt it otherwise now).

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