Taylor Swift was a Satanic cult leader in a previous life, well sort of anyways

Conspiracy theoryists around the globe are all in a clammer about Taylor Swift being a satanic cult leader in the 80’s and or in a previous life. As Taylor Swift fans are well aware, Taylor was of course born in 1989, and is the name of her chart topping album, however she didn’t actually sell her soul to the devil in order to achieve that kind of success.


Zeena Schreck (who went by the name Zeena LaVey at the time) however did sell her soul to the devil, and took that even one step further by serving as High Priestess of the Church of Satan from 1985-1990.


Schreck did kinda resemble Taylor Swift a little bit, or that is enough for you to say “What the? Effing Taylor Swift was an effing devil worshiper in the 80’s dude. Triipppy yo”.


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