Taylor Swift seriously sluffs off on her social media sometimes

If you’re a Taylor Swift fan, just probably can’t really get enough of Taylor. Social media is pretty much the most up-close and personal fan experience for your daily dose of celebrities in terms of pictures and and such directly from them, and Taylor Swift kinda sluffs.

Usually not posting pictures sometimes for 2-3 weeks, TayTay really needs to get on her social media presence and at least only go maybe a week without some action. It’s probably accurate to say that Taylor’s 95.4m Instagram followers and 82.7m Twitter followers would for sure appreciate a daily or at least every few days peek into Taylor World.

Taylor’s most recently 2 week stale social media posts are in promo for she and Zayn Malik‘s chart topping Fifty Shades Darker song “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever“.

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