Taylor Swift retweets Calvin Harris’ official breakup statement

You might of first began to question that since Calvin Harris gave the first official statement to the press (via Twitter) in regards to he and Taylor Swifts breakup, that he was in fact the initiator of the breakup. So what to think now that Taylor Swift has retweeted his tweet? Does that mean ‘What he said’? It must, and that only creates speculation that it was in fact Calvin Harris that initiated the breakup. Really the tweet came out of nowhere, and it might of actually been about something completely different, LOL.


Harris obviously wants to get the jump on any PR he’ll need to do in regards, thwarting the loss of fans and or to put haters in check. Really it would of been better if he’d of said nothing, as now you can only assume that Calvin Harris in fact was the initiator of the Taylarris breakup, and his official statement to the press via Twitter inadvertently probably only in itself caused haters. Taylor Swift herself has given no official statement as of yet, so it’s almost cryptic as to why in fact she retweeted Calvin Harris’ tweet.


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