Taylor Swift & Kanye West almost collide once again at Coachella 2016

The rivalry between Kanye West and Taylor Swift was at a same vicinity peak once again. Kanye West made a surprise appearance with A$AP Rocky at Coachella 2016, and also there and around was none-other than Kanye’s self proclaimed then fortified rival, Taylor Swift. Taylor was of course at Coachella with her boyfriend Calvin Harris, and she was looking hot in her new bleach blond hair-do.


What if Kanye West and Taylor Swift were to of met in the audience, would it of erupted into a fight between Calvin Harris and Kanye West? Or do Kanye’s theatrics go so far as to assume that Taylor Swift can do all that she does in her “Bad Blood” video, and would he try to fight Taylor Swift? Or would the situation play out just as Kanye West rapped in his song “Famous”, making Taylor Swift merely one of his groupies? Like Ice Cube once said, “A Bitch Is A Bitch”, and that’s true even if you’re a band of whiggas with attitude who have hot backstage bitches ready to get it on, and yes even they probably know how to speak for themselves one way or the other.

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