Taylor Swift has possibly undergone further augmentation


It’s very possible that Taylor Swift has gained some weight, in her chest area. Maybe, she’s only wearing tighter tailor fitted clothing to hug up just right, push-up bra possibility, or she’s had some breast augmentation.


Ultimately, who says America’s sweet-heart can’t have bigger boobs. Is it going to offend other women who don’t have bigger boobs? Oh well. Taylor Swift does however need better hair, so any jealous biotches can have that for now if they have better hair than Taylor Swift.


Taylor Swifts most recent musical effort is the chart topping “Red”, and Taylor Swift anxiously anticipate the next works from Taylor. Other than that, she’s dated more guys than the town hussy, although while supposedly remaining a good girl the whole time (other than with John Mayor who sources say claims he and Taylor Swift had explicit relations, even a few times while he was dating Katy Perry).

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