Taylor Swift films new music video for ‘Reputation’ in London

As her fans have been much anticipating, Taylor Swift is back again with a new record, some new videos for that new record, and a new boyfriend. Not only that, Taylor Swift’s most recent video (for what new song is unknown as of yet) was shot in a new location that people are not all that too used to seeing her in, London. This probably has allot to do with the fact that she’s dating English actor Joe Alwyn (The Sense of an Ending, Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk) …

… and accorded to reputable sources close to Taylor Swift, her latest video was shot in all the spots that she and Joe Alwyn have been frequenting while dating under the radar the past few months. A night bus around Piccadilly and Trafalgar Square, a visit to Joe Alwyn’s local pub, a cycle ride across the Millennium Bridge, and in front of Kentish Delight

… a kebab shop in Kentish Town North London. The video involved some 60 people and was shot between 9pm and 6pm, wherein it’s participators were not allowed to use cellphones and such as to not let on to what that song the video is for as of yet.

Undoubtedly Taylor Swift fans won’t have to wait all that too long to find out however, as her new album Reputation is set for an official release November 10, 2017, and can probably expect to see the video sometime just before then. In the meantime there is Taylor Swift’s new just in time for Halloween style video “Look What You Made Me do”, and, her hilarious AT&T commercials.

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