Taylor Swift Apples Drake, Drake Apples Kanye, what’s the significance

As most of the world is aware, Kanye West doesn’t like Taylor Swift. Although Taylor Swift hasn’t expressed that she also doesn’t like Kanye West, it’s probably a given at this point. Taylor is however featured on a most recent Apple Music commercial where she is singing a Drake song while working out on the treadmill (where of course during she falls down while being a little too enthusiastic). Drake has just released the song “Pop Style” that features Kanye West.


So this of course means that Drake is more partial to Kanye West, and not Taylor Swift, despite how Taylor has recently fallen for him. Drake has however conjured a stronger form of relativity between West and Swift, one that either denies or affirms the power of distribution regardless of Kanye doing all but bitch slapping Taylor Swift to the ground, circa Tony Montana & Elvira Hancock.


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