Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn seemed spooked while on hike together in Hollywood Hills

As just about everyone knows, renowned multiple Grammy Award winning artist Taylor Swift likes to play the field “Sign Your Name” style with various beaus, and there latest one on the list is Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk star Joe Alwyn.

The famous couple of now about 7 months were seen on a hike recently in the Hollywood Hills like so many celebs from time to time are known to do, and it looks likes although they got a little spooked and or didn’t want to meet up with someone else who was on the trail also.

Evading off into the bushes (or maybe that was the plan all along merely to just run off into the bushes for a few, while checking to make sure if anyone has seen first) …

… Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn abruptly exited the beaten path recently while on their nature hike. A good guess by Taylor Swift fans would probably be that maybe Taylor heard one the Kardashians on the trails, or maybe even Kanye West, and decided to quickly avoid them. 

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