Taylor Lautner steps out with fashion blogger Lauren Scruggs

Although it’s highly unlikely that they were on a date (unless that is Lauren Scruggs, or Lauren Scruggs Kennedy since 2014, has one of those open agreements that have been rumor to be somewhat popular among celebrities and such), Scream Queens star Taylor Lautner did however have dinner with Lauren Scruggs Kennedy at celebrity hotspot Craig’s in West Hollywood however (or another scenario is possibly they were just leaving at the same time).

In today’s day and age of bloggers, it’s safe to say that there are quite a few highly regarded and famous fashion bloggers out there, and on that list is Lauren Scruggs (who is also a journalist and author). There is no doubt that Taylor Lautner could probably get some new fashion tips from Lauren Scruggs, and don’t be surprised if he’s got a trendy new look the next time you see him out & about.

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