Surfs up! The Hemsworth brothers are an Aussie surf gang

Hardcore surfers have been known to say things such as ‘This is our beach, LOCALS ONLY’, ‘Stop snatching my line bra!‘, and of course ‘Toes on the nose you hoes’, however what happens when two of the Hemsworth brothers (possibly a punk aussie¬†surf gang also of course inclusive of Chris Hemsworth who might be the leader of the Hemsworth¬†surf gang) hit the waves?


Well they can’t both ride the same waves, so sometimes one of them has to eat seaweed. Liam Hemsworth and his older brother Luke were seen riding the waves in Malibu recently.


It’s not known who of the Hemsworth brothers is the best surfer, or if they are in fact competitive as a collective surf gang or have individual surf gang mentality, however it is for sure that all of them surf.

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