Supermodel Barbara Palvin obviously wants to deter any possible zombie attacks

Recently seen out and about in Paris recently during Paris Fashion Week 2016, Barbara Palvin is obviously either trying to start a poop hat trend, or she merely wants to thwart any possible zombie attacks (because of course zombies are probably less likely to want to eat poop when trying to eat brains).


Whatever the reason, it’s definitely not everyday that you see a supermodel walking around wearing a poop hat, and if poop hats were to become a trend that would be the weirdest trend ever.

supermodel-barbara-palvin-obviously-wants-to-deter-any-possible-zombie-attacks-3 supermodel-barbara-palvin-obviously-wants-to-deter-any-possible-zombie-attacks-4supermodel-barbara-palvin-obviously-wants-to-deter-any-possible-zombie-attacks-1 Celebrity Gossip