Sofia Richie might be having as much fun shopping as opposed to hanging with Justin Bieber

Sofia Richie and Justin Bieber recently had what seemed to be a month long celebmance, a celebmance though that reputable sources are confirming has although in fact ended as of recent. Sofie Richie is although found a way to preoccupy herself although, by shopping and clubbing on the LA scene.


Yep that’s right, Sofia Richie is your typical Beverly Hills wealthy spoiled brat (not that there is anything wrong with that; is not a derogatory remark whatsoever). Bieber was obviously just one of Sofia Richie’s coming of age conquests.

sofia-richie-might-be-having-just-as-much-fun-shopping-as-opposed-to-hanging-with-justin-bieber-4sofia-richie-might-be-having-just-as-much-fun-shopping-as-opposed-to-hanging-with-justin-bieber-1sofia-richie-might-be-having-just-as-much-fun-shopping-as-opposed-to-hanging-with-justin-bieber-3 Celebrity Gossip