SNL with Tom Hanks and Lady Gaga already being hailed one of the funniest ever

Although his opening monoskit writers failed to notice the invalidity of the statement that America created the internet and or World Wide Web (because the internet was first created in 1989 at CERN in Switzerland (, a facility relatively mentioned in Angeles & Demons), Tom Hanks has hosted Saturday Night Live probably more than anyone ever, and on top of that, he’s one of the funniest SNL hosts ever, no question.


The Inferno star spoofed Sully, was a guest news corespondent on Weekend Update (kinda), and also moderated the 2016 third and final debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump (or that is Kate McKinnon and Alec Baldwin).


Rounding things out for a top notch show was musical guest Lady Gaga who performed (or that is belted out with perfection) songs from her latest album Joanne, and was joined by renown producer Mark Ronson.

snl-with-tom-hanks-and-lady-gaga-already-being-called-one-of-the-funniest-eversnl-with-tom-hanks-and-lady-gaga-already-being-called-one-of-the-funniest-ever-6snl-with-tom-hanks-and-lady-gaga-already-being-called-one-of-the-funniest-ever-1 Celebrity Gossip