Sienna Miller had a seaweed bikini bottoms incident in Cancun

It’s happened to just about anyone, you’re at the beach and some seaweed gets down your pants! This time it was Live By Night star Sienna Miller who had a down the pants seaweed incident.

Frolicking about off of the coast of Mexico in Cancun, not only did Sienna Miller almost also have a bikini top wardrobe malfunction, she also had some seaweed get a little too up close and personal (or there is the other theory that Sienna was actually putting seaweed down her bikini bottoms intentionally and that would be strangely eccentric to say the least).

Sienna’s most recent motion pictures in the works are Hippie Hippie Shake (also starring Peeky Blinders star Cillian Murphy) The Burning Woman (also starring Mad Men star Christina Hendricks and Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul), and The Catcher Was a Spy (also staring Life star Hiroyuki Sanada and LA Confidential star Guy Pearce). Celebrity Gossip