Shailene smokes Elgort

By Tyltyüeh Ober

It’s not really known if this is actually some kind of subliminal commercial for another ‘Twilight Saga’ kind of franchise, however in a recent shoot for Entertainment Weekly, Divergent star Shailene Woodley seems to make actor / musician Ansel Elgort (obviously named after the Spanish version of Ansel Adams & Gort) give-off various colored smoke. Kids these days.
< style="margin-left: 40%; width: 20%; background-color: #fff; height: auto; position: absolute; opacity: 0.9; margin-top: 600px; padding: 20px;">VIDEO: ‘Fault in Our Stars’ Author: I Cried When I Saw Shailene Woodley On Set. “It wasn’t that weird because I’ve always sort of wondered what it’d be like kissing my brother,” she joked at first (to which Nat Wolff said, “That’s the best answer ever!”). While she was initially shocked that they were reading together – “the fact that two …
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