Selena Gomez went to the Justin Bieber concert in Los Angeles

What if, and this is just a scenario, what if Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez became boyfriend and girlfriend? Oh yeah, that’s happened on-and-off for quite some time, duh.


Supposedly however after the last time (whenever that was), Selena Gomez was quoted as saying that she would never get back together with Justin Bieber. Well that doesn’t mean they aren’t still friends, and while Selustin and or Justiena fans aren’t clamoring that they might be back together officially again, that might happen. If it does, the rumor is that will be after their tours.


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Justin did however recently post a throwback picture of he and Selena from a few years ago on his Instagram, and that could of been what officially prompted Selena to show up at his concert. Selena was both seen and reported to of been seen backstage at the concert also by this fan …

Selena tonight! ?

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