Selena Gomez & The Weeknd hit his home turf in Toronto Canada

Like other artists like Drake, The Weeknd‘s home turf is Toronto Canada, and it looks like he’s possibly decided to bring take his new girlfriend Selena Gomez back home to meet the folks. The Weeknd is currently on a world tour, however isn’t set to play Canada until this April, so it would appear it was in fact a special trip.

Selena & The Weeknd have been dating now for just a little over a month, and while there were rumors they were just casually dating, they are obviously more serious than that.

The Weeknd previously dating fashion model Bella Hadid, as where Selena Gomez of course infamously dating Justin Bieber on and off for quite awhile. The Weeknd’s world tour ends in June 2017 so get your tickets soon, and you can see Selena on the cover of the April 2017 edition of Vogue magazine flaunting that bod. Celebrity Gossip