Selena Gomez has fun with friends riding horseback in Cabo San Lucas

While  allot of people who have vacationed in Cabo might also say ‘hey I rode horses on the beach too!’, that doesn’t mean that famous celebrities like for instance Selena Gomez won’t chime right in too.

Selena Gomez recently did just that and went for a horse ride with friends along the Cabo San Lucas coastline. Selena and her posse galloped on with their trusty steeds …

… and it’s probably safe to say that even Selena Gomez’ horse even knew how famous that she is, and probably sped of after to add her on Instagram.

Fans can probably expect some more new music from Selena Gomez any day now, and can catch her later this year in the next film from legendary indie director Jim Jarmusch, The Dead Dont Die (also starring Bill Murray, Tilda Swanson, Adam Driver, and Chloë Sevigny). Celebrity Gossip