Selena Gomez attempts to differ herself from other Bieber groupies

Selena gomezTogether again with on-and-off-again boyfriend Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez was reportedly left alone in only the slip she whore under her clothing the previous night, after a night on the town with Justin Bieber (where soon after sources confirm Justin Bieber gave Selena Gomez the slip). Selena Gomez then of course took to instagram and twitter to post a picture in order to monument the occasion, twitting ‘I might be imitated by Bieber ‘Girlfriend’ groupies, however they aren’t really me’. Selena Gomez soon after reportedly must of deleted said tweet. In other news, much to the dismay of pervs around the globe, there are no fully nude photos of Justin Bieber as of yet. Also, scientists are still attempting to confirm via supposed studies that early marijuana use had nothing to do with stunting the growth of either Justin Bieber or Selena Gomez, claiming it in fact only kept them younger looking. Celebrity Gossip